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Lily Pond Riverie

Lily Pond Riverie


By Aqiq

Artwork | 12x12 inches

Medium | Oil on Canvas

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"Lily Pond Reverie" is an enchanting oil painting by Aqiq Ehsan that captures the serene beauty of a secluded water garden. This 12x12-inch canvas invites viewers into a lush, green world where nature's tranquility reigns supreme. The painting is dominated by varying shades of green, from the deep, shadowy hues of the surrounding forest to the vibrant, sun-kissed greens of the water plants. The composition is centered on a still pond, its surface a mirror-like expanse that reflects the overhanging foliage and sky, creating a sense of depth and atmosphere.

Size: 12x12 inches

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Artist: Aqiq Ehsan