Tools and Workflows

Held on Thursday, April 20, 2017 @ 12:00 PM (CDT)


Hangout Details

I had a good time on this hangout.
Thank you to every­one that joined and a spe­cial thanks to John and Jalen for shar­ing cool stuff.

Here are the links to some of the tools we talked about 🎉

http://​sipapp​.io → Awe­some Col­or Picker
http://​cmder​.net → Con­sole Emu­la­tor for Windows
https://​hyper​.is → Con­sole Emu­la­tor for Mac / iTerm2 Alternative
https://​cre​ma​.co → Where I get my cof­fee beans
https://​github​.com/​l​r​a​/​m​ackup → App Set­tings Sync
https://​github​.com/​b​4​b​4​r​07​/​e​n​hancdCD on Steroids
https://​github​.com/​o​h​-​m​y​-​f​i​s​h​/​o​h​-​m​y​-fish → Oh My ZSH Fork 

We dis­cussed a few oth­ers but this is all I com­piled. I hope you can join the next CraftX Hang­out. 😉