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An online gath­er­ing of friends and col­leagues dis­cussing Craft CMS, Design, Devel­op­ment, Free­lanc­ing, and every­thing in between. Host­ed by Selvin Ortiz and sup­port­ed by tal­ent­ed mem­bers of the Craft community.

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Making the Case for Tachyons

2017 / Aug / Thu 17 @ 4:00PM (CDT)

Simon Vrachliotis

Simon Vrachliotis

Front-end Lead

A Date with CSS Grid

2017 / Jul / Thu 27 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Designer and Developer
Anythin’ Goes

Docker for PHP Developers

2017 / Jul / Thu 13 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

Jason McCallister

Jason McCallister

Lead Software Engineer

Learning and Teaching Web Technologies

2017 / Jun / Thu 22 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

Wes Bos

Wes Bos

Designer, Developer & Entrepreneur.
HackerYou /

The Case for VS Code

2017 / Jun / Tue 6 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

Wade Anderson

Wade Anderson

Product Manager

Taking PHP & Craft By Storm

2017 / May / Thu 25 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

Gary Hockin

Gary Hockin

Developer Advocate for PhpStorm

Craft 3 Plugin Store

2017 / May / Thu 11 @ 3:00PM (CDT)

Brandon Kelly

Brandon Kelly

Founder and CEO
Pixel & Tonic

Estimating and Pricing Web Projects

2017 / May / Thu 11 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

We went in depth on the tech­niques we use to esti­mate and price projects. We also touched base on the sales fun­nel, com­mu­ni­ca­tion bound­aries,...

Getting Better at the Freelancing Thing

2017 / May / Tue 2 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

In this hang­out we heard from some free­lancers and busi­ness own­ers on how they tack­le net­work­ing, client acqui­si­tion, and bal­ance that with...

Design and Productivity Apps

2017 / Apr / Thu 27 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

It was great to see Bryan show­case his use of Affin­i­ty Design­er for cre­at­ing high fideli­ty mock­ups. A show­case that brought on a deep­er...

Tools and Workflows

2017 / Apr / Thu 20 @ 12:00PM (CDT)

I had a good time on this hangout. Thank you to every­one that joined and a spe­cial thanks to John and Jalen for shar­ing cool stuff. Here are the links...